B9Creator powers up Indian jewellery makers

B9Creator, India’s most affordable solution for fully castable 3D prints from your CAD files, is a new concept for many Indian jewellery makers. Now, you have full control over an imported machine.

Instead of a box arriving at your factory, and later a foreign technician coming in to assemble it and leave as quickly as possible, you assemble B9Creator with an easy to understand, downloadable pdf and well organized packages of labeled parts.

Learn to use its free software by exploring the online user Forums. If anything is unclear, post an inquiry on the Forums and you’ll likely have an answer from the worldwide B9Creator community (of which ZLab3d is a part) very soon.

Implement improvements on your own, there are no restrictions on modifying the machine! You can design and locally build your own components, source parts locally, it’s your printer!

The power of 3D printing, now fully under your control in your factory.

See B9Creator at IIJS Mumbai 17-21 July

In Stall Nr. Z008 in Machinery Hall 2, ZLab3d is happy to show our v1.1 printer, as the v1.2 is still making its way through the postal system, but will be the first to reach India.

Visit us and Know More about the amazing quality of B9Creator, its cost savings for jewellery makers, and the operational flexibility it provides.

If you can’t make IIJS but will be in Bangalore, contact us about seeing the machine at our showroom and training centre in Electronics City.

Resins are the new wax in jewellery making

From our newsletter:

Resins are the new wax

Photopolymers for jewellery casting

Photopolymers have been around for decades, in use for a wide variety of manufacturing, prototyping, jewellery, and for many years the HD Pattern high definition system has provided Indian manufacturers the finest resolution casting patterns.
Expensive and proprietary resin-based 3D printers are in use with some of India’s largest manufacturers, and some outsource printing of CAD files to 3D printing bureaus.
With the recent advent of low-cost open SLA (stereolithography) systems, Indian jewellers have more power than ever in controlling and adapting the process for their specific needs, and many are experimenting with foreign and domestic systems.
Jewellery casting with resins has been a hot topic at the Santa Fe Symposium as well.
The B9Creator is leading the jewelry industry in this regard, with its complete-burnout resins and high resolution (30µm xy, as thin as 6.3µm z) printer. Resins from other makers work with the B9 printer as well, and experimentation is encouraged and shared on the B9 Forums, the center of learning about use of the B9.
With the release of the new v1.2 B9Creator and v1.7 software, at least one new resin is expected to be announced. Jewellery makers are already getting prints exceeding their casting needs with existing resins and mixes.
Once the resin is fully cured, it’s time to cast it, and that will take some new investment material and procedures. Many tips are shared on B9 Forums and a recent article appeared on the subject in MJSA online.

 B9Creations resins are stocked and sold in India by ZLab3d. See the B9Creator and meet us in Machinery Hall 2, Stall Z008, at IIJS 2014 in Mumbai 17-21 July 2014!

Casting Jewellery in B9 Resin

From Today’s newsletter:

Inexpensive resin plus technique refinement yields results

B9Creator prints the “finest prints of any machine we tested” said Make Magazine in November of 2013. MJSA awarded B9 with its “Thinking Ahead” award, and it won “Best in Show” at JCK 2013. See B9 at IIJS 2014 in Mumbai, Stall MH2Z008.

Two inexpensive resins, Red and Cherry, are suitable for use in jewellery casting, as well as mixtures of the two. Experienced jewellers share their techniques on the B9Creator user forum regularly so you too can join and produce top notch results. Many say the results compare favorably to 3d printing machines and systems much more expensive and proprietary.

Investments and processes will take some time to customize to your operations but jewellers are using B9 today to create glamorous results, and freely sharing their techniques with other users.

A new printer version is out this year that is even better, so it’s time for Indian jewellery manufacturers to embrace B9Creator. Save money, get great results, and have full control over the machine and process.

See and know more about the award-winning B9Creator at India’s B9Creations distributor site, ZLab3d, and in the Machinery Hall at IIJS 2014 in Mumbai 17-21 July, Stall Nr. 2Z008!

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We do need Indian RPT’ers input as to what products and services to offer. B9 is our original focus as that is what we use and favor for our work here in Bangalore, but certainly the same benefits we bring as experienced importers can also apply to other products that are needed, or furthering the reach of Indian products.

Communications are available by the contact form, email at right, phones listed on the contact us page, and we can also Skype. Hope to hear from you soon!

B9Creator at IIJS 2014 in Mumbai!

Know more about B9Creator and see it in person in the Machinery Hall at India International Jewellery Show (IIJS) in Mumbai, 17-21 July 2014, Stall 2Z008.

We’re positively excited to meet users and future users of B9Creator at the show. We hope to have the new version 1.2 printer in time to show, but it will depend on when it ships and how long India Customs wants to handle it.

In any case we will be there in the KNS Consulting India stall to tell about it, answer your questions and get you the knowledge you need to find out if B9Creator suits your 3D RPT needs. See you there!