Tech Support for B9Creator, from ZLab3d India

From our evolving ZLab3d FAQ as of late July 2014:
Your B9Creator printer is a product of the USA.  But unlike other machines in a jewellery factory, you need not send it back should it require service. It is a very simple machine and in the unlikely event of a service issue, 24/7 worldwide support is available from fellow users on the B9Creator Forums to help you service it yourself, so downtime is far less than trying to get a technician flown in to look at it. This is a huge benefit for Indian jewellery manufacturers.
Should a part need replacing, simply identify it in the Bill of Materials and source it locally. More and more B9Creators are coming to India, so the user base will increase. ZLab3d has been using B9Creator for a year and is located in Bangalore. A distributor program is in development and we hope to be the first in India very soon.

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