B9Creator .stl export for Rhino users

ZLab3d wants to make your prints here in Bangalore, India, successfully on the first go. With the B9Creator, we lay out and support your .stl files in the B9Creator software, slice and then print them. Designing for SLA printing is different than SLS or pure digital usage.

Some Rhino users, new to printing with B9Creator, have asked for help in selecting the right export settings for a good, printable mesh. While there is no one good set of settings for all, we know of a video that can help ease the decisions.

On Vimeo, Kyle Houchens, tells how to make a good .stl mesh export from Rhino. It runs about and hour and 20 minutes, with the second half more useful for advanced Rhino users. The basics are in the first half.

In brief, he begins by making some checks with tools in Rhino, and once any errors are repaired, he takes all the export settings to zero, and unchecks all check boxes. A few other settings are tweaked as needed for the output device, and the file is exported as a Binary file.

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