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B9Creator at IIJS 2014 in Mumbai!

Know more about B9Creator and see it in person in the Machinery Hall at India International Jewellery Show (IIJS) in Mumbai, 17-21 July 2014, Stall 2Z008.

We’re positively excited to meet users and future users of B9Creator at the show. We hope to have the new version 1.2 printer in time to show, but it will depend on when it ships and how long India Customs wants to handle it.

In any case we will be there in the KNS Consulting India stall to tell about it, answer your questions and get you the knowledge you need to find out if B9Creator suits your 3D RPT needs. See you there!

Custom Indian Build Table for B9Creator

Please let ZLab3d know your requirements for custom Build Tables to fit the B9Creator DLP printer.

Maybe you need a different size, or a spare, or something different.

We are in touch with a manufacturer who can make them here in India. We’ve tested their prototype and it works just fine.

Time to delivery and price will be dependent on the order and manufacturer’s current work schedule.

India-made vat for B9Creator

Please let us know improvements you want to see in the vat design compatible with B9Creator v1.1.

We are working with domestic acrylic works to produce an improved, indigenous vat for offer here at ZLab3d.

Contact us to let us know what features or improvements you’d like to see, there is still time to incorporate ideas into the design before production begins. These high-quality vats will be very price competitive to the originals; we are already successfully using vats from the acrylics supplier we plan to use.

Many Thanks!

B9Creator v1.2 Announced

Dawson Distributions, official distributor of the B9Creator 3D printer:

  • A new “HD” Projector with a brighter lamp, allowing for resolution as fine as 30 microns!
  • Improved mechanical design for simpler assembly and increased print precision.
  • Improved software features for greater ease of use.

Dawson offers a contact form for further information as well as an FAQ page indicating they hope to have v1.2 available in June.

Prices will vary whether you buy the kit or assembled with extras version. Shipping to international locations is listed and you can expect Customs duties around 25-30%.

This is still a competitive price for excellent results, comparing well with much higher cost printers that require software licensing and other costs as well. Expect to spend some time learning the B9 software, and to spend some time on the Forum, where many helpful fellow users are ready to help and Searching yields many already-asked-and-answered questions.

The kit version will cost less, but has very good packaging of parts, some tools, and excellent pictorial instructions so even someone with moderate tool skills can do a good job. Patience, concentration, and attention to detail will pay big benefits to those who assemble the B9 kit.

Look at the new model in a scrollable web page (may take some time to load depending on your internet connection speed).

Save Nearly 10% on Pre-Order of B9Creator v1.2

A pre-JCK Show discount on pre-orders of the new v1.2 B9Creator printer is available through 2 June 2014 from Dawson Distributions. Check out the B9 Forums posts with “v1.2” in the Topic name.

Follow the latest B9Creator printer news on the Official News & Updates forum at B9 online.

Mike Joyce lists new machine and software features:

– HD projector allowing for the following resolutions and build areas:
30 micron XY: 57.6 x 32.4 x 200 mm
50 micron XY: 96.0 x 54.0 x 200 mm
70 micron XY: 104.0 x 75.6 x 200 mm
– New projector mounting allowing for “front access” & “quick change” between 30, 50 & 70 micron setting
– New Z axis linear slide for simpler assembly and enhanced print quality
– New metal & glass resin vat for long life and easy PDMS recoating.
– New software calibrations for increased part accuracy, “resume after abort” functionality and many other enhancements

If you’re going to the JCK show, make sure to take a look at the B9 at their stall.