B9Creator’s Easy Printing Process Overview

The B9Creator is new for Indian jewellery makers and hobbyists. ZLab3d of Bangalore is happy to help with this overview of the process.

Once you’ve assembled the kit, you’re ready to print, but where to start…

Produce an .stl file with CAD software


If you’re new to creating 3D objects on your computer, search online for some tutorials and try some of the many free software products out there.  To use your finished design with B9Creator, you’ll need a file with the extension “.stl”, so use a design software that can produce this file format. Imagine that the object needs to stand by itself on a flat table when doing your design, so you increase the chance of success by avoiding need of supports.

Experienced hobbyists will want to take some time studying how and when to add supports in the DLP style of printing.


You might be using high-end CAD software to produce your designs. Check its menus or documentation to find out how it can output an .stl file. If it won’t, look for a conversion software that will.

Layout, slice, and print with B9Creator’s free software

  • Layout
    Open a new layout and Add your .stl file(s)
    Add supports and foundations to your objects so they will grow like a tree from the build table (full explanation of this is beyond this overview, but it’s an art as much as science)
  • Slice
    Thinner slices give smoother prints but take longer to print
  • Print
    Use the Print checklist and start printing with default Materials Catalog and Print Cycle settings, take detailed notes as you learn, make few adjustments and observe the results, read and contribute to the user Forums and soon you too will be an expert!

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