Build Sizes for B9Creator from ZLab3d India

From our evolving ZLab3d FAQ page:
B9Creator version 1.2 uses a moveable HD projector, giving flexibility not available in other DLP printers. Z-height for all is 200mm.
By changing the projector position, you get 3 natively-supported build spaces:
57.6mm x 32.4mm; xy resolution of 30µm
96.0 x 54.0mm; xy resolution 50µm
104.0 x 75.6mm; xy resolution 70µm
ZLab3d build space illustration (pdf) excerpt below
So if your work only requires 70µm xy resolution, you can print more pieces per print cycle. ZLab3d B9Creator 2-page info sheet (pdf).

B9Creator 1_2 Build spaces by ZLab3d

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