B9 Resin and Printer resupply

For those of you holding quotations for B9Creator printers or resins, just to let you know, we’ll have fresh stock soon, as both are on the way. We do have resins in stock now, for your immediate need, as well.

So please confirm your orders soon and there will be little delay in getting your new materials.

Jewellery manufacturers are using B9Creator in India and getting satisfaction with the results. As soon as they let us share their success, we’ll post about it.

B9Creator software v1.7.3 released

The always-free B9Creator software has been updated by Mike Joyce to 1.7.3, and includes a firmware update. As always, update the firmware from the installation software itself, not the Internet if Windows prompts you to do that.

Pay attention to the details as some things of significance may have changed, depending on your circumstances. Knowledge is power.

Track the Forum Topic on the update

Download the update for Windows, Mac*, Linux.

The changes:

v1.7.3 Summary of changes
– Fixed a Mac issue that would allow the grid pattern to move to the wrong area during print when the status dialog moved.
– Fixed Printer Configuration Communication issue with linux machines.
– Print Preview Scrolling should now be smoother.
– Fixed an issue with the serial port library that was causing random lost comm errors!!!
– On v1.1 machines, we centered the balance, note that if you had used settings to do this, you will need to reset balance to zero
– Subsequent overlift now defaults to 1.0 mm

*Mac Specifics

Double click the .dmg file, drag the B9Creator app icon to your Applications folder, and launch it. If your System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General tab (in Mavericks) is set to anything but “Anywhere”, you’ll get a window indicating B9Creator can’t be opened since it’s from an unidentified developer (well, WE all know Mike Joyce).

In this case, simply click the Open Anyway button and B9Creator will launch.

MiniU, a Kickstarter project using B9Creator

Jewellery is frequently the focus of B9Creator posts and discussions, but it’s also great for hobbies and crafts and even mini-heads! Just launched on Kickstarter, the MiniU is a worldwide effort linked by the internet and powered in part by the B9Creator, which is to be used for the individually-custom-painted heads.

Something like this is just waiting for an Indian entrepreneur to launch domestically!

B9Creator Printer Now in India from ZLab3d

India’s first B9Creations 3d printing resin dealer is proud to announce we are now officially distributors of B9Creator printers as well, one of only 12 worldwide!

B9Creator is offered in an assemble-it-yourself kit and assembled. See our 3-minute video to see how easy it is to do it yourself.

Contact us now for your quotation! The B9Creator is in high demand worldwide and subject to delays, so the sooner you place your order the sooner you can receive your printer.

B9Creator 1.2 in India; B9 sw 1.7.1 available!

ZLab3d’s B9Creator v1.2 has arrived at the lab and is nearly assembled after only about 3 hours’ effort, thanks to the fine pictorial pdf’s from B9Creations.

Just in time, Mike Joyce has released B9 software v1.7.1 for Windows, with Mac and Linux versions to come soon.

For quite a while now, 1.7 was in a beta form and lots of activity and feedback was posted in Forum topics.

Preview or go ahead and join the B9Creator Forum any time (Registration link at the top of the page), to check out your community should you become an owner, or to read and inform your purchase decision. B9 is not for everyone, but if it is a good match for you, the Forum is a good place to spend some time.

Assemble B9Creator v1.2 in only 8 hours

Indian jewellers and hobbyists considering the B9Creator printer needn’t worry about buying the kit version, which you assemble on your own, saving considerable funds.

B9 user Eddie J has posted some photos and descriptions of his work at the B9Creator Hardware Forum. Before you buy, take a look at the well-done assembly instructions pdf. This is an example of what you get with the B9Creator community. You’re not dealing with large foreign companies. Users worldwide join in a cooperative information effort and everyone saves money and time.