Casting Jewellery in B9 Resin

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Inexpensive resin plus technique refinement yields results

B9Creator prints the “finest prints of any machine we tested” said Make Magazine in November of 2013. MJSA awarded B9 with its “Thinking Ahead” award, and it won “Best in Show” at JCK 2013. See B9 at IIJS 2014 in Mumbai, Stall MH2Z008.

Two inexpensive resins, Red and Cherry, are suitable for use in jewellery casting, as well as mixtures of the two. Experienced jewellers share their techniques on the B9Creator user forum regularly so you too can join and produce top notch results. Many say the results compare favorably to 3d printing machines and systems much more expensive and proprietary.

Investments and processes will take some time to customize to your operations but jewellers are using B9 today to create glamorous results, and freely sharing their techniques with other users.

A new printer version is out this year that is even better, so it’s time for Indian jewellery manufacturers to embrace B9Creator. Save money, get great results, and have full control over the machine and process.

See and know more about the award-winning B9Creator at India’s B9Creations distributor site, ZLab3d, and in the Machinery Hall at IIJS 2014 in Mumbai 17-21 July, Stall Nr. 2Z008!

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