About ZLab3d

Z Lab 3D is a small but growing 3D printing related products and services brand based in Bangalore, India.

In 2018-2019 we have expanded our printing services with other printers and materials and consulting. We’ve been very busy providing a wide variety of customers with satisfying 3d output.

As of early April 2014 we are building our presence here so you will see the site change over time. In mid-July 2014, we showed the B9Creator v1.1 at the IIJS show in Mumbai, and generated a lot of interest, which has led to the B9 section of the FAQ page. in 2015 and 2016 we’ve continued our presence at major jewellery trade shows in India and have expanded our line of support items.

We’ve subsequently continued our work with the v1.2 printer both in sales and producing print samples. In 2017, we will not be carrying or supporting B9Creator’s new printer offerings.

We carry B9Creator Resins for your 3D printing needs. We stock it so our fellow Indian B9’ers can get pre-imported resins without fuss in local currency from a trusted local supplier.

In August 2014 we became one of only a dozen worldwide distributors of the B9Creator printer. Subsequently B9Creations has added additional distributors over time, check the B9 web site for the latest listing of dealers in India.

Additionally, you can try the B9 resin in another DLP printer to see if it suits your needs. See the B9 web site and forums for more information about the resins.

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ZLab3d resells B9Creations resins and is able to produce components that fit the B9Creator printer but those components are not made, endorsed, or supported by B9Creations.

“B9Creator is a registered trademark of B9Creations, LLC. No product offered on this site is warrantied or endorsed by B9Creations, LLC.”

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