B9Creator powers up Indian jewellery makers

B9Creator, India’s most affordable solution for fully castable 3D prints from your CAD files, is a new concept for many Indian jewellery makers. Now, you have full control over an imported machine.

Instead of a box arriving at your factory, and later a foreign technician coming in to assemble it and leave as quickly as possible, you assemble B9Creator with an easy to understand, downloadable pdf and well organized packages of labeled parts.

Learn to use its free software by exploring the online user Forums. If anything is unclear, post an inquiry on the Forums and you’ll likely have an answer from the worldwide B9Creator community (of which ZLab3d is a part) very soon.

Implement improvements on your own, there are no restrictions on modifying the machine! You can design and locally build your own components, source parts locally, it’s your printer!

The power of 3D printing, now fully under your control in your factory.

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