Order B9 Resin Before Price Rise

B9Creations are rising the price of resins but they remain substantially lower than alternative resins.
ZLab3d offers existing prices in India on B9Creations resin orders fully prepaid by Saturday, October 17, 2015.


B9Creator Hands-on at IIJS 2015!

Find us in Stall MH2Z008, 6-10 August 2015 at Bombay Exhibition Center. Once again we’re in Machinery Hall 2, area 9.

See you there. We plan to have the B9Creator v1.2 printer there, it’s India’s most affordable SLA DLP printing solution yet achieves quality for jewellery production with its low-cost direct castable resins!

Ask us about resins, consumables, and associated items for your full B9Creator printing experience.

For assistance finding us, call Nagesh at +91 99 000 44332!

54 Watt UV Curing Chamber for B9 prints

B9Creator can produce highly detailed, castable CAMs for jewellers, but those prints need to be fully cured before casting to provide best results. So ZLab3d is happy to offer this UV curing chamber here in India at an amazing low price.

54 watt uv curing unit

It’s a professional quality, 54 -Watts unit with six powerful UV bulbs:

  • Digital Timer Control
  • Fan Mode
  • Heater Mode
  • Spacious curing chamber suitable for large prints
  • Easy to Use
  • Easy to Clean
  • Long-life UV-Bulbs
  • Reflective inside lining to ensure uniform UV exposure
  • Dual Fan Mode
  • CE Approved certification
  • Auto Shut-Off

Contact us for your personalized quotation, +91 99 000 44332 or info [at] zlab3d.co.in

B9Creator Videos, Site Upgrade, JCK LV Show

Visit the B9Creator site again if you haven’t recently, it’s significantly updated, including a series of educational videos. Explore every page and link to get the most value.

ZLab3d staff visited the crew at the B9Creator stall B6468 at JCK Las Vegas 2015. Pictured during a rare quiet moment at the stall are Shon, Hannah, and Mike (Scott was busy with a customer).

B9Creator crew at JCK LV 2015

B9Creator crew at JCK LV 2015

B9Creator JCK Show Special & News

B9Creator is offering special pricing May 29-June 5 as part of their participation in the JCK Las Vegas show.

To avail, order at the show if you’re attending, or via the web site B9Creator JCK show special page.

Additional news includes:

  • finalized unveiling of the updated web site
  • availability of new B9 Black resin

B9Creations at JCK Las Vegas 2015

Find B9Creator inventor Mike Joyce and staff on Bayside, Level 1 in the Essentials Section, stall B6468 with AU Enterprises 29 May-1 June at Madalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Also coming soon, web site upgrade and JCK special pricing deal. Stay tuned!

Black B9Creations resin now available!

B9Creations is now offering a third resin to the lineup, black in color, with these characteristics:

  • B9R-2-Black:  1 KG (2.2 lbs) bottle.
  • A general purpose, fast building, castable black resin. Slice thick for quick results or thin for fine details
  • Designed for 30 – 100 micron XY resolution
  • Pigmented for 30 – 204 micron layer thickness
  • May be primed and painted
  • Printed parts may be used to create vulcanized rubber molds.

Pricing in India from ZLab3d is available by contacting us. Lately, Customs officers have been increasing the duties without clear justification so our prices will be adjusted accordingly. Thank you for your understanding.

B9Creator v1.8 software released

Plenty of “major” changes are going on with B9Creator software. Before updating, it’s ESSENTIAL to read this Forum Post byMikeJ.

How, when, and whether to upgrade will depend on your situation, but B9Creator is only going to support the latest software versions, and this version will be necessary should you obtain a new B9Creator printer now or in future.

Follow his guidance closely to maximize your chances of success.

Read the details of the changes.

Windows version is 42 MB download; Mac version is 52.5 MB.

ZLab3d is downloading the software but has not yet used it.

How-To videos are also being implemented. See the Forums for more.