Black B9Creations resin now available!

B9Creations is now offering a third resin to the lineup, black in color, with these characteristics:

  • B9R-2-Black:  1 KG (2.2 lbs) bottle.
  • A general purpose, fast building, castable black resin. Slice thick for quick results or thin for fine details
  • Designed for 30 – 100 micron XY resolution
  • Pigmented for 30 – 204 micron layer thickness
  • May be primed and painted
  • Printed parts may be used to create vulcanized rubber molds.

Pricing in India from ZLab3d is available by contacting us. Lately, Customs officers have been increasing the duties without clear justification so our prices will be adjusted accordingly. Thank you for your understanding.

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