54 Watt UV Curing Chamber for B9 prints

B9Creator can produce highly detailed, castable CAMs for jewellers, but those prints need to be fully cured before casting to provide best results. So ZLab3d is happy to offer this UV curing chamber here in India at an amazing low price.

54 watt uv curing unit

It’s a professional quality, 54 -Watts unit with six powerful UV bulbs:

  • Digital Timer Control
  • Fan Mode
  • Heater Mode
  • Spacious curing chamber suitable for large prints
  • Easy to Use
  • Easy to Clean
  • Long-life UV-Bulbs
  • Reflective inside lining to ensure uniform UV exposure
  • Dual Fan Mode
  • CE Approved certification
  • Auto Shut-Off

Contact us for your personalized quotation, +91 99 000 44332 or info [at] zlab3d.co.in

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