B9Creator v1.2 Announced

Dawson Distributions, official distributor of the B9Creator 3D printer:

  • A new “HD” Projector with a brighter lamp, allowing for resolution as fine as 30 microns!
  • Improved mechanical design for simpler assembly and increased print precision.
  • Improved software features for greater ease of use.

Dawson offers a contact form for further information as well as an FAQ page indicating they hope to have v1.2 available in June.

Prices will vary whether you buy the kit or assembled with extras version. Shipping to international locations is listed and you can expect Customs duties around 25-30%.

This is still a competitive price for excellent results, comparing well with much higher cost printers that require software licensing and other costs as well. Expect to spend some time learning the B9 software, and to spend some time on the Forum, where many helpful fellow users are ready to help and Searching yields many already-asked-and-answered questions.

The kit version will cost less, but has very good packaging of parts, some tools, and excellent pictorial instructions so even someone with moderate tool skills can do a good job. Patience, concentration, and attention to detail will pay big benefits to those who assemble the B9 kit.

Look at the new model in a scrollable web page (may take some time to load depending on your internet connection speed).

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