B9Creator 1.2 in India; B9 sw 1.7.1 available!

ZLab3d’s B9Creator v1.2 has arrived at the lab and is nearly assembled after only about 3 hours’ effort, thanks to the fine pictorial pdf’s from B9Creations.

Just in time, Mike Joyce has released B9 software v1.7.1 for Windows, with Mac and Linux versions to come soon.

For quite a while now, 1.7 was in a beta form and lots of activity and feedback was posted in Forum topics.

Preview or go ahead and join the B9Creator Forum any time (Registration link at the top of the page), to check out your community should you become an owner, or to read and inform your purchase decision. B9 is not for everyone, but if it is a good match for you, the Forum is a good place to spend some time.

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