Thanks IGJME visitors!

Visitors to the stall at IGJME kept us busy and challenged us with plenty of good questions. We’re getting our follow ups out as soon as we can. Many thanks!

As a reminder, we have the following in stock for immediate delivery:

  • B9Creator v1.2 HD printer
  • B9Creations Cherry resin, 1kg bottles
  • B9Creations Red resin, 1kg bottles
  • B9Creations v1.2 vats, aluminum and glass
  • B9Creations v1.2 build platform
  • B9Creations v1.1 and v1.2 sweeper assemblies for the acrylic and the aluminum vats
  • Silicone vat coating, 1.1kg kits of two parts to mix 10:1

Contact us via web form or phone with your queries.

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