Order a B9Creator Sample Print

ZLab3d aims to successfully print your .stl files here in Bangalore, India on the first go. In B9Creator software, we lay out the objects in the build space, add supports, slice and print.

Transfer files directly to us by couriered or in-person thumb drive, email, or online file transfer service.

You can also get a feel for the free B9 software yourself, by downloading it and doing your own layout, supports, and slicing, then send us only the .b9j, or slices, file.

Due to a majority of samples not being paid for til date, as of 25 October 2014, we require a Rs1000 goodwill neft to our account before beginning work. When the print is complete, we will weigh it and issue an invoice. When the invoice is paid in full, we will ship/deliver the print.

The goodwill payment will be deducted from the final bill. We do good work in a timely fashion and communicate well with customers. For this we must be compensated. When it becomes the norm to pay for these samples promptly without reminders, we will remove this requirement. Please help that become a reality.

CAD services are not available, so before transferring* your files, please:

  • ensure the object fits in the B9Creator build space (FAQ; illustration pdf; DIY build space visualizer)
  • export from your CAD software (some links below) as a technically usable .stl file** (we will first check the files for errors and if any are found, will request you repair and re-submit)
  • aim for wall thickness of 0.5mm or greater
  • supports internal to the object are ok; we will add external supports in B9Creator software prior to printing and remove them unless you ask to leave them attached; optionally, contact us if you want us to use your fully-supported objects
  • polygon count is suitable to the print resolution requested
  • make multi-part pieces separate .stl files
  • If your objects have sprues attached, let us know how much of the sprues we may cut for printing efficiency; we charge for the weight of the print minus supports we have added. Your supports and sprues will be part of the chargeable weight


Check with us first by phone or email to determine if we can fit you in our workflow in a reasonable amount of time. Then email the file if less than 20MB, otherwise Contact Us and let us know your preferred file transfer method. We’ve had success with Dropbox, Google Docs, and WeTransfer. Apple email users can use the Mail Drop feature.

Please name your Folder and/or files with some identifying information such as company information to ensure accurate file handling.

**Objects Must

  • be closed, or ‘watertight’
  • be manifold
  • have correct triangle orientations (“normals”)
  • have positive volume
  • not have holes
  • not have border/edge issues


  • printed on authentic B9Creator with pure B9Creations resins
  • industry standard charge applies
  • Privacy Protection Policy applies
  • we make no guarantee of accuracy or casting quality
  • multi-object .stl submissions may be cut apart in software prior to printing at our discretion
  • By submitting files to ZLab3d for printing, you represent that you are the rights holder to the intellectual property involved

stl Export in Specific Software Programs

Try Resin Yourself

While we think the combination of B9Creator printer and resins is best, if you already have a photopolymer 3D printer, you can certainly order some resins for your own experimentation.

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