B9Creator 3D Resin, Casting, Rapid RTV Silicone, Extras


Thanks to those who visited us in stall MH MJ015 VII, 5-8 August 2016 at the IIJS show Machinery Section, The Lalit Hotel, Mumbai!

As always, we provide exclusive and expanded offerings for your 3D printing & casting needs. ZLab3d/KNS are pioneers in jewellery industry 3D printing in India.

EXCLUSIVE consumables for casting and mould making:

  • Hybrid NV investment powder additive for casting RPT prints
  • Platinsil 30 clear RTV silicone, extremely flexible for delicate and undercut wax designs
  • Platinsil 30 Rapid Cure (RC) clear RTV silicone, cure in under 2 hours without shrinkage

EXPANDING our line of RPT printing items:

  • all FIVE B9Creations DLP SLA printing resins
  • B9Creations Vat, Sweeper, Build Platform and NEW Calibration Grids
  • PDMS kit for fresh vat printing surface
  • weighing scale for PDMS, resin mixes, finished products, etc
  • large and small UV curing units
  • light tight resin containers to reuse resin and keep it fresh
  • small parts basket
  • small parts washer
  • resin spatula for removing prints, cleaning vat
  • solar turntable for even uv curing or display
  • tweezers for handling small parts

Call Nagesh B, 99-000-44332
to find us at The Lalit Mumbai/IIJS or later to know more

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