Buy B9Creations resins and other supplies from Z Lab 3D with confidence, we’re a brand of a 8-year-established Indian company experienced in import of high quality products and service provider to the Indian jewellery industry.

Avoid hassles with Customs duties, pay in local currency, save hugely on shipping charges, and get your product fast. Doesn’t get much better than that!

We store the resins properly and then package and ship to you for best quality. We store printer stock in an immaculate storage space, not a hot, dusty, messy godown.


  • Product MSDS says to avoid storage above 38C, so please choose a shipper that will deliver quickly
  • ZLab3d does not export from India.

How to Buy

  1. Contact Us for a quotation and payment information
  2. Include quantity, item(s), desired shipping method, address & phone
  3. Make payment online through your bank


  • Shipping price will be per actuals depending on method you choose
  • VAT/CST of 14.5%
  • Your purchase price already includes import duties and shipping from source in US, we paid for you in our role as distributor
  • Discounts for larger quantities of each individual resin
  • Prices updated as needed for currency fluctuations
  • ZLab3D will save you money and time.


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