B9Creator v1.8.3 Software Released

A wealth of improvements and new features released in B9Creator software!

In the announcement, there are links to the B9Creator software download page as well as noting that autoupdate is also possible.

Follow the discussion of fellow users in a B9Creator 1.8.3 update Topic as well.

In the General > Official News and Updates forum, Mike J writes:

Some of the updates:

-Improved depth of cure control during the print process. (helps minimize “z bleed”)
-Added floater removal feature to print process (un-supported pixels are not cured, so they don’t mess up the resin)
-Added “Easy Peel” foundation shape.
-In Layout, allowed Models to be pushed below the build table if desired-Added “Snap To Foundation” feature for more control
-Added Yellow and Emerald Material Settings.
-Added “Solidify Scan” feature to layout (for taking certain scans and turning them into solids)
-Added ability to add multiple models to layout at a time.
-Updated Layout view to allow for zooming out further.
-Added ability to associate .stl file with the windows installer/app.
-Added simple measuring tool to layout support mode.
-Fixed issues with linux installer not including some of the correct packages.
-Fixed not being able to select mirrored models in layout.
-Saving job files now defaults to the file name found in the “Job name” field in the slicer plus appends the resolution.
-Fixed firmware bug that left projector turned on in some lost comm situations.
-Fixed firmware bug which could reset lamp hours to zero inadvertently.

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